Виолетта дневник шаблон обложки

Ребенку с таким самостоятельно изготовленным портфолио будет интересно. Leon and Violetta break up after Diego kisses Violetta against her will and Leon refuses to believe Violetta when she says that she did not initiate the kiss. Leon kisses Violetta, and the two begin a romantic relationship. Eventually, she ran out of ammunition and was captured by two men who dragged her up the hill to a bridge over a railway. She talks Matías and tells him she would become rich. We learn that Jade can sing opera.[clarification needed] In the last episode of Season 2, the police arrest Matías.[clarification needed] Matías «Maty» LaFontaine[edit] Maty (Joaquín Berthold) is Jade’s brother.

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